How to Install Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

Wireless Speakers Bluetooth

Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

Bluetooth which is functioned to unite separate devices harmoniously is firstly popular in Denmark. This new wireless protocol is then named as Bluetooth wireless speakers. It is really simple and cheap but it is also really global and powerful.

Bluetooth wireless speaker has 10 meters range but applies a broad range to many devices like cell phones, speakers, MP3 players, cameras, printers, and many more devices. Using radio waves to connect and to exchange information with many devices, makes this technology expand rapidly.

Nowadays, built-in Bluetooth wireless speakers are also many found in laptops, handhelds and mobile phones. For you who have a PC but having no Bluetooth incorporated in it, actually you can still set it personally. With price from $10 to $30, a Bluetooth adapter can be got and in short time of setting (about some minutes) you can have a Bluetooth wireless speaker set in your PC.

Here are some steps that you can follow to connect your electronic devices with your Bluetooth wireless speakers:

  • Switch on your computer/cell phone.
  • Select or switch on the Bluetooth device on your hardware. The computer will recognize automatically the device and show you a confirmation.
  • Turn on the speaker then press and hold down the Bluetooth button for a few seconds.
  • The Bluetooth light will be flashing and the device will search for other Bluetooth devices in its range to connect to.
  • The computer/cell phone will show a list of available devices. (It is usually done by their model number) Then you can select your speakers.
  • Then you will be asked to input a PIN number or PASSWORD.
  • ‘0000’ or ‘1234’ by default for most of the Bluetooth devices, or you can refer to the user manual or by visiting the manufacturer’s website if you can’t make the PIN activated.
  • When the password is already accepted, then the pairing is complete.
  •  Then the indicator on your speaker will quickly flash to confirm that it is already connected. And you can soon play your audio and please enjoy the sound from your new Bluetooth wireless speakers.

Version 3.0 with data transfer rate 24Mbps is the latest technology of Bluetooth wireless speakers. The using of this technology, beside offers you a good quality of sound, also offers quick sending of sound data. The battery need is more than sending data over wires, so before buying battery, you need to pay much attention so that you will not get disappointed about the battery life.

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